Busy Gang 800 Mixtape | 3 More Days

The Busy Gang 800 Mixtape is releasing in exactly 3 days (10.18.2014). Since the start of Ace-Life Studio, the 800 mixtape has already been in production and we have just recently finalized the 800 project this October. 

Busy Gang consists of three official members: Al Rocco (HK/US), Koz & Blow Fever (Shanghai) representing our motherland, China. Bilingually in English and Mandarin,  we hope this first project would open the minds of the world and appreciate the Asian culture as an universal language. This is only the beginning and expect to see the gang grow. Read more about the Busy Gang 800 Story.

Sound engineered by Ace-Life Studio and featuring 黄绮珊, Young Jack, Daddy Chang, Tang King, 42, the Ace-Life family; JBo Escobar, Khaki, Boris Redwall, Ray Rok and more.

Saturday October 18th 2014 (10.18.14)
Download the Busy Gang 800 mixtape (Free)

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