Ganja Wang 干架王 - Al Rocco, Blow Fever & Koz (Busy Gang) (Music Video)

Busy Gang fights to bring China's Hip Hop game to an international standard with the release of Ganja Wang's official MV. Share this with your friends, to your family, and to your girl - and lets make history.

Blow Fever, Al Rocco and Koz each tell their story of the modern day hustle in New China. Their lyrics speak on the struggle and temptations that they face in the far East. Ganja Wang 干架王 translates to Soldier King. The track and MV portrays the story of three Solider Kings fighting the battles of life and their fight to bring China's Hip Hop Game to an international standard. 

Download for free from Busy Gang's 800 and Al Rocco's Raised in China mixtape.

欢迎关注BUSY GANG的虾米官方账号: 同时,非常感谢《干架王》的producer-Drxp Atxms. 2014年10月,BUSY GANG推出了全新力作混音专辑《800》,这张专辑真正意义上带来华语嘻哈音乐之进化论。组合成员Al Rocco,Blow Fever 和 Koz火力全开,满载十足街头正能量带来最好听的华语嘻哈音乐。2015月6月15日,终于推出《干架王》官方MV,并于土豆首发。全民干架,指日可待!

Featured front page Tudou 土豆 (China's Youtube)

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