VICE Noisey (Mixtape)

Officially Viced! We've recently worked on Noisey's first Hip-Hop mixtape by Al Rocco. Mixed at Ace-Life Studio by our in-house engineer; Fader One, check it out here

Starting out with some of Al Rocco's favorite classics to old and new school vibes turning down with some love making slow jams. Featuring legendary Hip-Hop artists like; 2Pac, Notorious BIG, Dr. Dre, Nate Dogg to present day Rap stars; Asap Rocky, Young Thug, Migos, Drake, The Weeknd. As well, we've included Rocco's 2014 single "RMB人民币 Red Money" from the Busy Gang 800 and Raised in China Mixtape with Fader One's original production "So Different". Download this free mixtape here.

Al Rocco 来自香港,经历过伦敦和 LA 的学习生活之后如今驻扎在上海,致力为中国的 Hip Hop 文化添砖加瓦。在上海的朋友应该会更多机会见到他登台演出。在自主打造自己录音室的同时,也经常有新作品问世。今天,他为我们献上了他的最爱,也是Mixed By...栏目目前为止最 Hip Hop 的一期,从 Old School 经典到 如今的 Migos、Young Thug,还有包括他自己的主打歌“人民币”,以及制作人 Fader One 的作品。选的歌都挺厉害的,别错过。下载这张 Mixtape

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