For My City (Hong Kong TVC)

Towards the end of 2013, Chinese rapper Al Rocco shot a short TV commercial in Hong Kong called “Beyond Vision” for an optical shop on the busy streets of Kowloon City “Ocular Plus”. “For My City” is a remix to Al Rocco’s recent release “Ain’t Nobody Got It” produced by Gummy Beatz, sound engineered by AceLifeStudio and hosted by AceLifeVision. From his third single “Raised In China” coming soon this May 2014.

“BEYOND VISION-OCULAR PLUS As neon lights shreds through the busy streets of Kowloon City, we see a core district of Hong Kong , where the crooks and their dirty business went down back in 1960s,as time washes away this historical pass, Kowloon City has become a hidden gem filled with local Hong Kong stores and restaurants, and here we find a modern optical shop,Ocular Plus, which stands out among these heritage buildings. Never judge by a book by its cover, or a district by its surrounding, look deeper, and we will realize everything is beyond vision. Track composed and performed by Alrocco.” – @OcularPlus

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